Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Return of Serial Burlesque

Its in the works my lovelies! Its going to be a little bigger, better and of course ridiculous.

Where will their next adventure take them?

Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Cocktail Hour is Tonight

MainLine Theatre
3997 St-Laurent blvd., Montreal


Tickets are $10

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Interview with the Ladies

V For Vixen's Laura Roberts interviewed the Ladies of the Home for Wayward Girls - well, their alter egos anyway (not, sure which is which ;-).

A snippet - Though there are a few men in the troupe, both Seska and Sugarpuss like the fact that they run a female show, as it's empowering both for them and for their audience. Although burlesque has traditionally been a form of entertainment aimed at men, neo-burlesque shows are mainly aimed at women, while men are allowed to tag along.

The full deal is here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

News Flash

Saucy and Sotted Sirens of Strip Stage Schmaltzy Show for Scratch

Montreal, QC – October 29th, 2007 -- Miss Sugarpuss and Miss Seska Lee’s Home for Wayward Girls to present a variety show in hopes of saving their school from financial ruin.

Now that The Home For Wayward Girls is facing certain financial ruin, the fabulously frazzled Miss Sugarpuss and the effervescently enfeebled Miss Lee decide to make one final attempt at fundraising glory with A Good Ol’ Fashioned Variety Show. Much to the Ladies’ dismay, however, such an archaic and outmoded form of entertainment proves to be more work than they ever could have bargained for!

Down to their last few students and as poor and burlesque-ily bohemian as you can get (sparkly legwarmers, anyone?), the Ladies and their motley cast drunkenly stumble through the grueling and thankless task of producing, writing, directing and performing their Medieval-themed masterpiece, dubbed “Ye Olde Cocktaile Houre.” Forced to mine emotional depths no one ever thought they had, and to find motivation for every glove snap, boa whirl, and pastie twirl proves to be too much for the Ladies. The Home’s rampant alcoholic beverage consumption reaches an all-time high as show-time draws closer; tickets aren’t selling, the students are getting belligerent and punchy, and Miss Sugarpuss can barely stand! It’s la Bohème with Booze and Boobies!

Will the show go off without a hitch and, more importantly, will their clothes do the same? Will Miss Sugarpuss make it through the show, or will she have to get her stomach pumped…AGAIN? Will anyone come to see their quaint little show and generate enough profit for the Ladies to keep the Home open?

“No, no NO!! My God, what have you been doing in Bumping 101? And Boa-Folding 305?? Have you learned ANYTHING at this school? Do it AGAIN!! And maybe this time you won’t SUCK! Argh! MUSIC!!” - Miss Lee

“Ahh…you remind me of my childhood Miss Lee! I was 3, and Dear Old Mumsy used to yell at me just like that before I did my specialty act in those old vaudie-ville houses. Her booze breath mixed well with the stench of greasepaint, handsy old magicians and catty showgirls who wanted nothing more than to see me, Tiny Miss HappyPuss and her Spinning Top Tapdance, fail miserably! OHH! The halcyon days are gone! GONE!!” - Miss Sugarpuss

Bring your best flasks and come on out to see for yourselves, November 10th at MainLine Theatre, 3997 Boulevard St. Laurent. The show begins at 11pm and tickets are $10 at the door. Featuring Luci Furr, Lola Lamb, Monsieur E. Norme, Bobby Stromphose and other special guests.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Cocktail Hour Flyer

Photo and Graphic Design Credit - Andrea Hausmann

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Spooky Spooktacular - The Long of It

Miss Sugarpuss and Miss Lee were in a dark and scary undisclosed location. They had no idea what was going to happen to them. Trembling with fear they shrieked when Accountant came strolling in, letting them know he wanted to go through their receipts at the Home for Wayward Girls. The Ladies also noticed that Accountant had a very nasty dog bite and with the full moon was rising he seemed very antsy. AHHHH! It was also terrifying!

Back at the Home the Girls were getting ready for Halloween. While it may have been a festive time of year, no one had forgotten their dire financial troubles. Miss Lee called for Olga to bring her her tonic. She was not feeling very well. The Boobiskian cook entered in a flutter and told them that she had been sensing evil spirits in the Home. They brushed her off when suddenly there was horrendous noise that came from the basement - the furnace had died. This got Miss Lee thinking - if there were ghosts then the Home could be declared a heritage site and they would have tax free status. Miss Sugarpuss declared that the scary noise then was most certainly a ghost and sent the Girls off to look for documented proof of ghostly things. Miss Lee, not feeling well, as if there was someone else in her body, took another dose of her tonic and went off with Olga to rest. This left Miss Sugarpuss alone and thrilled with the idea of tax free status. She danced and stripped thinking about the joys of money.

Next, we found Luci Furr searching for ghosts. She came across a huge spider web. Intrigued she examined the spider within in it and ate it! This caused her to undergo a sensual transformation where she communed with the web and became one with it, ultimately getting trapped just as a masked figure came up behind her and strangled her!

Olga found poor Luci Furr's dead body and screamed. The Ladies and the Girls came running in. Miss Sugarpuss declared that it must be murder and ordered everyone to barricade the windows and doors to keep the murdered out of their house. Which of course made perfect sense!

Afterwards, Olga sat alone knowing that no ghost or spirit could have done this horrible thing to Luci Furr. She decided to make the Tonic of Truth in order to have a vision and determine who was the murderer. Little did she know that as she danced around and stripped that the masked figure snuck in and poisoned the tonic. Olga died in a gurgling heap on the floor.

Later, Miss Sugarpuss and Miss Lee discovered Olga's corpse. They were in shock so they rolled her out and had some shots of liquor to ease them out of their state. The shots affected Miss Lee most oddly and she became a bit snappy, pinchy and just plain bizarre. She kept switching back and forth from her effervescent normal cutesy self and a manic, bite-y nutjob version. Then Miss Sugarpuss got a call from Accountant saying he'd be over soon to go through her box - errr boxes. There were wolves howling in the background, but this did not trouble Miss Sugarpuss. She has happy to have something else to do and leave Miss Lee alone in hope that she would calm down and return to her bubbly, drunk self. But this was not to occur. Miss Lee stripped down to her skivvies in a dark and moody knife dance. The room went dark. There was a blood curdling scream. Miss Lee had been stabbed in the throat with her knife!


The dead were propped up in chairs. Those remaining, Miss Sugapruss, Lola Lamb and Tiny Tease stood by looking at them. Everything was fine. The doorbell rang and everyone was sent into a panic. Well, those that were living. There was no time to hide the bodies so the Girls covered them up with boas and hats. Miss Sugarpuss answered the door. It was Accountant. He seemed furrier than before and acted most ravenously. Miss Sugarpuss sent him to the basement to do his work when all of sudden Miss Lee got up and wobbled around the room. Miss Sugarpuss was ecstatic. She thought Miss Lee had simply drank too much. She asked her if she wanted any food to sop up the booze. Miss Lee moaned, "Brains". Hmmmmm. Not really drunk anymore it seemed. Just dead and a zombie. Though poor Miss Sugarpuss was obliviously in denial. She went to dispose of the two other dead bodies and left the Girls to play cards with Miss Lee.

As they sat playing Gin Rummy (heavy on the gin , they were out of rummy) the talk turned to the creepy things that had been occurring in the Home all night long. During their conversation Miss Lee fished out some brains from her purse and ate them. The Girls, pushed to their limit, freaked out and left. Miss Lee zombie-ly chased after Lola Lamb and Tiny Tease declared that she would get out of this crazy, scary house dead or alive.

She danced, stripped and tried to find a way out. The masked figure came at her with a knife and she threw her clothes at him hoping to distract him. It was hopeless. He lunged at her and she grabbed the knife and stabbed herself not wanting to give him the satisfaction!

Lola Lamb finally got away from Miss Lee. She was tired of ghost hunting. She didn't think there were any ghosts to be found. She decided to take a bath to relax. She stripped down and took a soak in the bubbles. Little did she know that the masked figure was behind her. He snuck in and dropped a hair dryer into the bath tub, frying poor Lola like a lamb chop!

As the dead Lola lay in the tub Miss Lee entered the room. She stumbled around longing to eat Lola's brains. Disappointed in discovering that she was already dead Miss Lee stripped and did a zombie dance before finally giving into the temptation. She ate Lola's brains. They were freshly dead which was better than no brains at all. Then they left together - two zombies hand in hand.

Meanwhile in the basement, Miss Sugarpuss and Accountant looked over the files. Though Accountant was more interested in Miss Sugarpuss' sumptuous bottom. They exchanged some witty reparté and then when the full moon had risen Accountant completed his transformation into a Werewolf. He chased Miss Sugarpuss about the room as she tore of her clothes. She did not realize that he did not have romantic intentions until it was almost too late. Finally she came to ehr sense and shot him with gun that had a silver bullet.

Back in the parlor the group of the dead burlesquers as well as the masked figure sat casually - the Girls were playing cards, Miss Lee was reading a book and the masked figure was telling anyone who would listen (no one) an obnoxious story of his producing accomplishments. Suddenly Miss Sugarpuss stumbled in. The group pretended to be dead. She looked away. They sat up. She looked back. They slumped over. She looked away. They sat up. She looked back and caught Lola Lamb very much alive and well. A-ha!

She demanded to know what had happened! The masked figure revealed himself. He told her how he was a slick reality show producer and sought out Miss Lee to showcase the Home for the show THE AMAZING HAUNTED HOUSE EXTREME MAKEOVER: MOUNTAINLAND EDITION. Realizing that everyone she thought was dead was actually not she asked if that meant she did not just kill Accountant. Well, Miss Lee and the Girls knew nothing of that, but then Accountant came bounding in and all was well. Suddenly the Producer's cell phone rang. He took the call in his obnoxious manner and was told that the show had been canceled before it had even been aired. All this mischief was for nothing! He left thanking them for letting him see them naked.

Of course, Miss Sugarpuss was enraged by all this deception. She turned to Miss Lee and the Girls in a threatening manner. They shivered and quaked in their stockings. She declared that she would have her revenge. The next money making scheme would be done her way! It would be the best moneymaking scheme there is! The moneymaking plan that has proven time and time again to be the MOST exciting, MOST thrilling and MOST lucrative! They would put on a good old-fashioned variety show!

And you can see how that all goes down in part three - The Cocktail Hour - on November 10th.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Spooky Spooktacular is Tonight

Miss Sugarpuss and Seska Lee present The Spooky Spooktacular - Tonight!!!

MainLine Theatre (3997 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal)
Doors at 10pm - Pre Show at 10:45pm - Show at 11pm
Tickets $10

Get ready for a spooky night.