Monday, October 29, 2007

News Flash

Saucy and Sotted Sirens of Strip Stage Schmaltzy Show for Scratch

Montreal, QC – October 29th, 2007 -- Miss Sugarpuss and Miss Seska Lee’s Home for Wayward Girls to present a variety show in hopes of saving their school from financial ruin.

Now that The Home For Wayward Girls is facing certain financial ruin, the fabulously frazzled Miss Sugarpuss and the effervescently enfeebled Miss Lee decide to make one final attempt at fundraising glory with A Good Ol’ Fashioned Variety Show. Much to the Ladies’ dismay, however, such an archaic and outmoded form of entertainment proves to be more work than they ever could have bargained for!

Down to their last few students and as poor and burlesque-ily bohemian as you can get (sparkly legwarmers, anyone?), the Ladies and their motley cast drunkenly stumble through the grueling and thankless task of producing, writing, directing and performing their Medieval-themed masterpiece, dubbed “Ye Olde Cocktaile Houre.” Forced to mine emotional depths no one ever thought they had, and to find motivation for every glove snap, boa whirl, and pastie twirl proves to be too much for the Ladies. The Home’s rampant alcoholic beverage consumption reaches an all-time high as show-time draws closer; tickets aren’t selling, the students are getting belligerent and punchy, and Miss Sugarpuss can barely stand! It’s la Bohème with Booze and Boobies!

Will the show go off without a hitch and, more importantly, will their clothes do the same? Will Miss Sugarpuss make it through the show, or will she have to get her stomach pumped…AGAIN? Will anyone come to see their quaint little show and generate enough profit for the Ladies to keep the Home open?

“No, no NO!! My God, what have you been doing in Bumping 101? And Boa-Folding 305?? Have you learned ANYTHING at this school? Do it AGAIN!! And maybe this time you won’t SUCK! Argh! MUSIC!!” - Miss Lee

“Ahh…you remind me of my childhood Miss Lee! I was 3, and Dear Old Mumsy used to yell at me just like that before I did my specialty act in those old vaudie-ville houses. Her booze breath mixed well with the stench of greasepaint, handsy old magicians and catty showgirls who wanted nothing more than to see me, Tiny Miss HappyPuss and her Spinning Top Tapdance, fail miserably! OHH! The halcyon days are gone! GONE!!” - Miss Sugarpuss

Bring your best flasks and come on out to see for yourselves, November 10th at MainLine Theatre, 3997 Boulevard St. Laurent. The show begins at 11pm and tickets are $10 at the door. Featuring Luci Furr, Lola Lamb, Monsieur E. Norme, Bobby Stromphose and other special guests.

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Anonymous said...

As soon as I finish writing in this comment I'm going to find my agenda and scrawl this event in the appropriate section. And then I just may end up at your event on November 10th (but I'm going to try to sneak in the back). Do you think the stock market will crash before then? Martial law, Attack on Iran, False Flag Terrorism, the Ascension, Peak Oil? OMG it's too much! Let's party!!